Ne aggódj, megoldom! Avagy szakembörök mindenhol… :D

Annó a Macgyver című sorozatban láthattuk, ahogy Richard Dean Anderson falevélből taposóaknát, avagy gemkapocsból kézigránátot csinált. A következő fotósorozatban is hasonló mérnöki vénával megáldott szakemberek mutatják be, hogy nincs olyan, hogy valami “elromlott”.. 😀

Roommate Punched A Hole In His Door. I Fixed It


Don't Have The Money To Fix It? Improvise!


So My Son Fixed Our Shower


My Dad's Solution When A Control Knob Broke Off In My Car


Trust Me I Am An Engineer


Being Resourceful


Left Side Mirror Broken Off? No Problem


There, I Fixed It


Couch Fix


That's One Way To Fix Your Headlight


You Got To Be Kidding


This Guy Just Printed Out A Headlight


Trust Me, I'm An Engineer


My Little Cousin Broke A Plate And Tried To Hide It From My Aunt


My Girlfriend Broke The Water Filter, So I Fixed It. Nailed It!


That Should Fix It


Hot Water Fix


Trust Me, I'm An Engineer


Creativity Level Over 9000


Seems Legit


DIY Level: 9000


Why The Apple? Core Strength. Trust Me I'm An Engineer


Painter's Tape And A Fan Are All That's Keeping This Desktop From Overheating


Airplane Passenger Spots Worker Fixing Jet Engine With Tape Before Take-off


Trust Me, I'm An Engineer


Trust Me, I'm An Engineer


Creative Solution


My Laptop Screen Hinges Gave Out. I Came Up With This Fix


I Hope This Is Not A Surgeon's Car


Diy Bike Handle




Broke One Of The Rings On My Shower Curtain Today. Here Is My Life Hack


The Power Button On The Tv Broke. This Is How My Dad Fixed It


I Fixed It


It Does The Job


No Baking Sheet No Problem




No Hot Water? No Problem!


My Razor Broke About 5 Days Ago. Still Too Lazy To Go Get A New One


Meanwhile In Baytown


There, I Fixed It


My Wife Asked Me To Fix The Toilet


Why Buy New?


The Shower Faucet Was Not Working Properly


The Buttons Won't Stay Down


Beer-can Exhaust



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