Néhány fotó, mely bizonyítja, hogy a macskások élete nem csak játék és mese .. :D :D

Mi állattulajdonosok tudjuk, hogy kis kedvenceink saját személyiség jegyekkel bírnak.. Vannak akiknek „jó arc”, türelmes, kedves házi kedvencük van és van akiknél keményebb a helyzet.. 😀


Ha! Caught Her In The Act!


Life Of A Tree


You Home Earlier Today Hooman


"I'll Do It. I Swear To God, I'll Do It."


Made A Pie Crust. Turned Around To Get Filling. Turned Back Around And This Is What I Found


Wife Drives To Grandma's House. Amount Of Fucks Given By Our New Rescue Cat: Zero


Over The Last Week Our Kitten Has Discovered She Can Climb Sh*t


I've Altered Your Signal. Pray I Don't Alter It Any Further


We Locked Our Cats Out Of Room Due To A New Baby. After Hearing Frantic Scratching And Meowing At 2am I Flipped The Lights On To This Sight. We Have No Idea How He Managed To Do This


Oh, Hai There


This Little Fella Being Caught Seconds After Being Told He Couldn't Have Any


Don't Sit On The Keyboard? Ok


Glad You Find Them So Comfy...


When Mom Turns Her Back And You Steal The Leftover Corn Muffins From Dinner


F*cking A**hole


Oh You're Playing? Well... I'm Tired, Let Me Just... Purrfect


Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth


I Just Had Surgery And Need To Do My Physical Therapy


When I Woke Up This Morning I Found My New Yoga Blocks Like This And Found A Smirking Orange Tabby With Green Foam In His Nails


Your Homework? Never Heard About It


This A*sshole -"She Has Two Hands, And Is Not Petting Me"


Came Home From Work And Crashed The Kitten Party


My Wife Tried To Walk The Cat


My Boy Always Tries To Jump In The Fridge When I Open It. This Is The First Time He Made It In


I Had To Throw Them Away (The Blinds, Not The A**hole)


I Just Finished Applying The First Layer On My Table And Then...


Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Jesus Christ?


The Kitten Doesn't Like Blondes



Vélemény, hozzászólás?

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